Hello, I’m Katie. I live in on a farm in Dorset with my husband, three small children and a menagerie dogs, chickens, sheep and pigs.

I am really passionate about food – both eating delicious food and providing really tasty and unfussy home-cooked meals for my family.  I worry about the accessibility of low quality, cheap food, and I am on a mission to encourage people to think more about what and how they buy and to find local companies or farmers who really care about their produce and farming practices.

When we moved to Dorset 2 years ago, I was completely blown away by the huge number of amazing farmers and food producers in this magical county. I challenged myself to cook at least two meals a week for my family, using ingredients entirely sourced from within the county. I was so thrilled to discover it was really easy!

Dorset has amazing farmers and butchers sourcing local meat, a plenitude of seafood and fish from the coast, salad growers, vegetable and fruit growers, bakeries, breweries, vineyards… list the goes on and on. And most brilliantly, there are the most fantastic farm shops, village shops, delicatessens and other stores who are selling these things so you don’t have to make a million stops on your weekly shopping trip.

This blog will share recipes (and I hope you readers will share yours too!), highlight food and drink producers, celebrate the many food festivals, share interesting things to do in Dorset and much more.

Thanks for dropping by!