Interview: Caroline Drever from Dorset Shellfish

Dorset Shellfish insta

My family have been buying freshly caught crabs from Caroline and Steph from Dorset Shellfish for years. My dad often disappears on a summer Saturday morning to meet this mother and daughter team. He comes back laden with fresh crabs making the perfect feast for a family get together.

How did your business start? We started by selling the crab & lobster which my partner caught. He’s a commercial fisherman in Weymouth with our son.

What types of shellfish do you sell? Crabs and Lobster

On which part of the coast do you put down your pots? Between Portland Bill and Swanage. 

Where and how can customers find you? At Dorset Farmers Markets and Food Festivals. There is a link to where we are each week on our website here

What is your favourite shellfish recipe? A dressed crab with topped with a creamy sauce, grated cheese. Grill for 5 minutes – delicious!               07881632311  

You will find Caroline and her family serving a delicious array of dishes on the quayside in Weymouth this weekend for the Pommery Dorset Seafood Festival.











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